What beauty is for me.

Most people think that beauty is only skin deep. Meaning that a person is only beautiful by their outside appearance such as weight, height, hair length, or face complexion. Most people do not pay attention to the important characteristics that make and mode a person. They feel that beauty is based on appearance alone. I on the other hand think differently. Beauty is all about what is on a person’s insides. Inside beauty consists of the person’s love for themselves, their love for others, and finally their personality. These characteristics help shape a beautiful person.

Being beautiful means knowing that you are beautiful. Not allowing others to put you down by making you think or feel that you are not beautiful. A beautiful person, in my eyes, loves the person that they are and will be. They accept who they are no matter what others say or do. They value their life and cherish each breath taken. A beautiful person does not try to change themselves because of what others think or say. Beauty requires having self respect. Displaying self respect shows that you love your body, your mind, your spirit, and your soul. They carry themselves in a respectable manner. Beautiful people think, say, and do positive things and try to stay away from negativity. Being able to love others as well as your self is also another way of displaying beauty.

A beautiful person notices the beauty in someone else as well as themselves. Showing generosity to others, even to those that mistreat you. Showing love to others take courage and sometimes strength when the person is not treating you how you should be treated. Being kind hearted and helping others who are less fortunate than you shows your beauty as well. Giving your will to help whether its saying something nice or doing something nice also displays your beauty. Having a personality that makes every one love you is beautiful.


Love this quote! 😊

Our addiction to Social Networks…

Today when I woke up I opened my mac and then I saw that the WiFi wasn’t working. I panicked. Then I had nothing to do. I thought it isn’t that bad, I can do something else. Maybe homeworks. Ops no I need the Internet for it. Then I only had one thing to do…. watch TV. Like it was ages ago I watched TV. I watch series on the computer and not on the TV. I realised that I’m kind of addicted to social network.

People become addicted to social networking sites and they start spending hours and hours in front of their laptops or even their mobiles. 



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My inspiration! 😍

Just listen to the text and hear what she’s singing. She is my inspiration for real. She has been through a lot. But she kept strong and fighted for her dream. There’s nothing wrong with who you are.

Best song and voice ever! 😍

My last post today. See you guys tomorrow.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Consider the saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Think about what life would be like without dreams. It would be terrible. Since we were young, we have always dreamt big. We thought about becoming an astronaut, a ballerina, a movie star, and maybe even a spy. Whatever happened to those once fantastic dreams though? Reality hit. People always grow out of the stage of wanting to be something outrageous or different, and do something practical or ordinary. But why? Why throw away those dreams, and settle for a job you won’t be happy with? That always bothered me. I believe people should follow their dreams whenever and wherever it will take them in life. Just as the saying states, if you dream something, you should attempt it.

Determination is another key factor in making your dreams come true. I believe people should follow their dreams everyday, and never give up on them. There are so many things that are possible if you follow them. So whether you want to be an astronaut, a ballerina, or maybe even a famous singer, don’t give up on your dreams. Always follow them, and let them lead you on in your life.


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Great day with my bestie! 😜

Today was a great day I went out with my bestfriend and sat on his porch. We talked about everything, from food to society. We ordered pizza. My bestfriend is so cute, he can’t make up his mind about which kind of pizza he wants. He was like “I want the same as you” and then “I want a margarita”. I screamed make up your mind, but anyways we had a lot of fun.

We watched this movie called One Day. It was so good! It makes you appreciate what you have and it’s a love movie. You guys may not know this about me but I love romance. Anyways this movie is great. Here’s the trailer. I really recomend it! 😍

If you know any romantic movies comment below and let me know, and if you have seen the movie tell me what you think about it! 😃

Good Morning! 😃

I just woke and had the best night sleep in like ages. I literally feel happy. I don’t know maybe it’s my new blog, it’s making me feel good and anxious. Well today I’m going out. I’m going to tell you guys if something intressting happens.


See you later, Alligator! haha😃

One of my three real crushes…

I have been in love with three guys in my entire life. One of them started my school and became friends with my bestfriend who is a boy. Let’s call him Chris. Do you guys also make up names for your crush? If you do let me know in the comment what it is. We started to hang out and I fell for him.

For a while he was like a bit over me like guys with crushes do. But then after a summer he changed. He started hanging out with the popular kids and stopped talking to me. Last week he said to me in school why are you so mad and I lied and said I’m not mad and then I left because I had to go to class. I fell for him before he became so popular. I loved that he was one of the hottest guys in school but not that popular and that he was my friend. He was the first person to say I’m beautiful.Image

What do you guys think I should’ve done? This pic summs up why i didn’t ask him… 😔

A little info about me 😊

I am in the 9th grade and I’m 16 years old. I live in London, UK. I’m not the typical girl. I wear make up but not too much. I have had acne and that was the worst time in my life. I couldn’t go out from my house. But now I’m acne free thanks to proactive. I am just a normal teenage girl who is a little bit dorky. I love sports and yeah thats all.