Human Being

You know what. We always have things to talk about. Video games, movies, shows, celebrities, economy, bbqs for sure. But none of this can last for more than 5 min cheat chat except talking behind our friends, colleagues , bosses, etc. Isn’t it interesting?
The moment that we start talking we never know how far we will push it. The worst thing is that we cheat ourselves to trust our listeners to the extent that they won’t spread our words to the third person! But they are human like us and they NEED (seriously?!) to talk behind us with other friends including those we did talk behind. I call this process an indirect retaliation.
I’ve noticed that you can easily be involved in an indirect retaliation if you are not aware of your surrounding. It is like a magnet that temporarily polarizes you, then attracts you, then leave you with a magnetized character. Lets to be wise and not to be the magnet teacher of others.
Have a good day!

Exams 😱😤

So as you guys know I have been camping. The weather was great and everything. I miss listening to stories when we were sitting around the fire. But it’s great to be back! I have to study for exams now. Any advice how to study? I am stressing out like crazy but anyways have great day!


Yepp, that’s me…

I’m going camping

This is my last term with my class and we decided that we wanted to go camping. I love camping. But the sad thing is that I can’t blog for 5 days. I’ll be gone this afternoon and come back on thursday.

My crush, Chris.

Do you guys know about If you don’t, it’s a site where you can ask questions, you can decide if it’s anonymous or not. As you know my crush Chris just got one and I asked him: “Do you prefer a girl with good personality or a girl with good looks?” Guess what he answered? He said: “A girl with a good personality and a kind heart is much better than a mean good looking girl.” I don’t know if he is saying that because his site is public or if he actually means it. But I was so happy. I’m kind of good looking. But if I tried I probably could be as good looking as the popular girls but I don’t want to change for a boy.


Good Morning BTW! 😃